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For most of us, politics is something we only follow when an election comes around. Good government will only happen with good representation, and good representation can only be achieved by good local candidates.

Every vote counts. Determine who’s good on your candidate list.

Encourage your candidates to register so voters in your community can make an informed decision.

All Upcoming Elections

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TAS – Legislative Council elections 2024

4 May 2024

Periodic elections for the Upper House divisions of Hobart and Prosser. Additionally, a by-election to fill the member vacancy for the division […]

SA – City of Onkaparinga supplementary election

3 June 2024

SA – District Council of Tatiara supplementary election

3 June 2024

NT – 2024 General Election

24 August 2024

The 2024 Territory Election will elect all 25 members of the Legislative Assembly.

NSW – 2024 Local Government elections

14 September 2024

ACT – 2024 Legislative Assembly election

19 October 2024

ACT Legislative Assembly elections are now held on the third Saturday in October every four years. The ACT adopts the […]