Why should I use Vote Easy?

In order to choose the best candidates, it is essential you know the candidates. When it comes time to vote in any election (local, state, or federal), Vote Easy allows you to easily find your candidates and better inform you about the people you are electing. Candidates have a greater opportunity to explain what they believe in and how they feel on issues, giving you confidence that the candidate you select best represents your views. Choosing a good candidate brings us one step closer to better governance. Vote Easy is here to help you connect with the candidates that think like you. Remember, there is NO law that requires candidates to tell the truth, so if you believe some information provided by the candidate is questionable or untrue, then use the links provided on their profile page to ask for more information. Truth is a good quality to look for in your future politicians.

Why should I vote?

As a voter, you choose the politician that goes to parliament and speaks for you and your community. Politicians work for you; you pay their wage, so that makes you the boss. As the boss you have a responsibility to choose the best person for the job. If you vote for a person who does not represent the people in your electorate, then the government will not represent your community or its interests.

Why is it important to vote?

Democracies work best when everyone participates. If you feel there is no point in voting because the politicians don’t listen, then Vote Easy is here to help. A free, unbiased platform for you to find a candidate that meets your requirements/best represents your views. Good candidates will deliver good governments.

Does it cost me to use Vote Easy?

No; Vote Easy is totally free for voters to use.

What electorate am I in?

Login to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website and check your enrolment. Once you have done this, the AEC site will be able to tell you all the electorates you are in. As soon as you know, return to Vote Easy and meet your nominated candidates.

What is a ballot paper?

This is the piece of paper you are issued at the time of an election. It displays the names of all the candidates in your electorate and are the only people you can vote for. For example, at a federal election you don’t vote for the Prime Minister, this position is not an elected position of the Australian people. The Prime Minister is decided by a vote cast by the members of the government.

Does Vote Easy tell me how to vote?

No, Vote Easy is only here to assist you with the voting process. We don’t care who you vote for, just as long as you do. Your vote counts and we are here to help you connect with candidates.

Can I vote on this site?

No. Once you decide who is going to represent you, then you vote as required by the election you are participating in. We encourage you to create your own “how to vote card” so you decide exactly how you wish your vote to be counted. All you need is a paper and pen, list the candidates in order from your most popular to least popular, and you have just created your own “how to vote card”.

What is third party influence?

It can cost a lot of money to run for any political position, so candidates need to raise money to promote themselves. To reduce/stop influence from those individuals, businesses and corporations that donate money to candidates; Vote Easy provides a low-cost platform for all candidates to reach voters, therefore, reducing the influence those donors may have to leverage a politician.


When can I register on Vote Easy?

You can register after nominations have closed, the ballot order has been drawn and we have uploaded the information to the election page.

When will my page be visible to the voters?

When your election is active  on Vote Easy, you can register and complete your profile page. As soon as you are happy for your page to be seen by voters, then you activate it.

How often can I edit my candidates page?

You can edit your page as often as you like; there are no restrictions.

How do I edit my candidate page?

Easily; you will receive login details that will take you to your candidate page and from there you can make any adjustments you need.

Can Vote Easy link to the rest of my campaign?

Yes, Vote Easy is the perfect platform to link with any other method you choose to use in your campaign. Use the ‘follow my campaign’ section to link your existing website, social media choices, etc.

Why should I use Vote Easy?

Vote Easy is an economical way to consolidate your campaign and deliver your message directly to voters without being hijacked by others or untruths. Vote Easy delivers an easy to use platform without any influence from advertisers or third-party interest groups.

Is vote Easy interactive?

No. Vote Easy is where you are able to communicate your message to voters without interruption. If you want voters to interact with you they can via the other available methods (website, email, phone, social media, etc.) that you link to your Vote Easy profile page.

How will vote easy improve my chances of being elected?

Vote Easy makes it easier for you to connect with the undecided voters, the voters that don’t follow politics and are difficult to reach using traditional methods. We also level the playing field; all candidates have the same exposure and play by the same rules. However, Vote Easy will only work well if candidates promote the site and encourage voters to use it. Consolidating your campaign into one easy to use location will make it easy for undecided voters to connect with your campaign.

Your campaign needs to reach as many voters as possible and in the purest form, especially to those voters who have not considered you previously. Support, Share and Use amongst your friends and family and ask them to do the same. The more people we include the better it is for your campaign.

Can I provide feedback?

Definitely, we encourage your feedback as a user and if you have any useful ideas or recommendations that we think could help future candidates, we’re all for it.

I have completed my profile and my candidate page has not activated.

Firstly, check you have selected “yes” regarding your nomination on your registration page, then check that you have selected “ready” to display your page and lastly ensure you have authorised your page. If that doesn’t rectify it contact us immediately via the contact tab. If your election is not being run/managed by the Electoral Commission (in some states councils may elect to manage their own elections) there may be a short delay receiving confirmation of your nomination, however, let us know and we can help to sort it out.

Still have questions?

If you answer has not been answered here, please get in touch through our contact page.