What is VoteEasy

VoteEasy is an independent online platform, managed without influence, that…

  • gives candidates a voice and an affordable way to connect with voters
  • makes it easier for voters to find and know their candidates.
  • and perhaps most importantly, connects the community!

It serves voters and candidates in elections across all levels of government around Australia. VoteEasy has earned the favour of many for its genuine autonomy and exceptional reach.

  • Candidates profile themselves, explaining what they stand for.
  • Voters visit the site looking for candidates that share their values.

When voters and candidates connect, informed decisions are made and communities benefit when strong local leaders are elected.

VoteEasy in the news

We’ve been featured on citynews.com.au.

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Our Mission


Made Easy

Vote Easy is designed to make it as easy as possible to discover, learn and ultimately choose the most suitable candidate.


Inform Voters

Vote Easy provides a direct link to a registered candidate’s messages, providing an easier and more informed vote.


Give Everyone a fair go

From party veterans to new independent candidates, Vote Easy gives all candidates the same opportunity to share their messages with voters.


Zero Bias

Vote Easy provides you with the opportunity to decide the best candidate to represent the electorate.

I'm a Voter

and i'm looking for a good candidate

Find a candidate that resonates with your values and addresses the issues you care about.

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I'm a Candidate

and want to reach more voters

Establish a profile to raise awareness of what you stand for amongst more undecided voters.

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