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Welcome to Vote Easy and thank you for considering Vote Easy as part of your election campaign. We understand that wanting to represent your community is a great commitment and we want to help you reach as many voters as you can without having to raise more funds or take donations that might compromise your principles.

Vote Easy allows you to speak freely using a variety of methods, which will enable you to promote your message in a way that no other platform does. We recommend you take this opportunity to put your best foot forward and let the voters know as much about you and how you will represent the community where you live. At Vote Easy we acknowledge the significance of the job you aim to achieve and understand that good representation will lead to good governance – so, we want to see you succeed. Since you will be representing a particular community and group of people, we recommend addressing issues locals feel strongly about, in order to effectively represent them throughout your term.

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In order to keep complications regarding the rules and responsibilities of a candidate to a minimum, once registered with Vote Easy you are bound by the same candidate rules as the election in which you are participating in (refer to the appropriate electoral commission for further information). There is no advertising on Vote Easy, our site is purely for the purpose of connecting voters and candidates. Vote Easy can save you time and money, enabling you to allocate your time where you need it most. We are confident that by promoting Vote Easy as the go-to place for Australian voters, your chance of being heard and, ultimately, elected will be increased.

Vote Easy is here to better connect you to your voters, provide opportunity, and a fair go. Together we can make a difference – we want governments that represent the people.

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